What Awards are judged?

  • Product Innovation of the Year
  • Environment Award
  • Shop Fit Out of the Year
  • Australian Breakthrough Retailer of the Year
  • Australian Retailer of the Year

Who are the judges?

The admin officer asks for judge volunteers from all SBIA members. A panel of 5 brand & retail representatives are selected and approved by the board. For each award, the panel consists of a mixture of retail and brand members, both big and small and DO NOT have any entries in that award category.

Who coordinates the judging process?

Mark Hudson from Dragon Alliance is the head judge for Shop Fit & Environment and Andy Ireland from Saltbush Surf, SA is the head judge of the Product Innovation award – Andy is the head judge for this award only as Dragon Alliance entered a product in the Product Innovation category.

How does the judging process work?

Each judge is emailed a spreadsheet to use specific for their award. This template has a series of selection criteria that the judges must enter scores for. The template adds up the scores and gives a total score for each entrant. This spreadsheet is then emailed to the head judge for collaboration. All judges then participate in a conference call with the head judges where they discuss the total scores and 5 finalists, a runner up and a winner are unanimously decided.

What is the selection criteria for each award?

Below you will find the selection criteria and the spreadsheet templates that the judges use for each award.


For the 2 national retail awards, Breakthrough Retailer and Australian Retailer, how are the entrants selected?

Australian Retailer

The 5 state retailer winners (that were voted in by SBIA brand members) are automatically entered into the Australian Retailer of the Year Award. The finalists for this award cannot be announced as they are the state winners.

Breakthrough Retailer

Each member of the judging panel can nominate up to 5 retailers. Once all are complied, the voting process as stated above using the template is conducted for all nominees and then the follow-up conference call to discuss and confirm.

Want to know more about the awards?

Download the 2016 SBIA Surf Industry Awards Information Pack.