‘And or with’ written and pronounced all as one word – andorwith – meaning ‘together’, these words form the ‘glue’ in the language we communicate with one another. Born in the surfing coastal town of Goolwa Beach, South Australia by two brothers with salt on our brows and sand between our toes.
As a society we are increasingly becoming disconnected, disconnected from ourselves, disconnected from others and disconnected from the environment surrounding us. Our society currently promotes an individualistic lifestyle, which is broadcasted as idyllic and is shared via a hyper realistic ‘fake’ world. Where we like to communicate with our friends on our phones rather than face to face. Therefore we are both passionate about ‘connection’, the connection we have with ourselves, the connection we have with others and the connections we have with our environment. We wanted to start a social movement for change; ‘we’re in this together’, which represents our shared values of happiness, love, equality, gratitude, community, belongingness, by showcasing our love for fashion, art, design, surfing and the outdoors for all to be apart of and embrace with us.
The overall aesthetic of the brand is therefore heavily influenced by the coastal vibes of our blue oceans, sandy beaches and the bitumen and bricks of our city streets. We have tried to create a brand that truly reflects Australia’s people, diverse culture, spectacular landscape and laid back lifestyle.
“We’re in this together”