Life’s Better in Boardshorts

New Wave – A throwback Collection

Billabong has been deeply rooted in surf culture for over 40 years and we are throwing it back by introducing New Wave, a modern take on the iconic surf scene of yesteryear. We are paying homage to the young days of Billabong, when the shorts were short, the bikinis were high, and visors ruled the beach. But no longer are the girls just beach bunnies, bronzing in the sun and watching their honeys ride the waves. This time around, the babes are bold. They are beautiful. And they are rebellious. Nothing and no one stands in their way. Rules don’t apply to them and they laugh in the face of fear. They are wild, they are free, and they are taking over the coast.

Music By: Artist: Lucius Song: Born Again Teen

Athletes: Laura Enever, Felicity Palmateer, Josie Prendergast, Alessa Quizon Appearances by: Mark Occhilupo, Italo Ferreira, Tyler Warren and Griffin Colapinto

Calling all beach bums…

Dig up the goods from decades past with throwback graphics in revived brights and 80’s pastels. Take the edge off the season and update your beach get-up with corduroy swell lines, old school graphics & fearless high-cut swim.



The humble boardshort and carefree bikini have come a long way since Gordon and Rena Merchant started producing hand-made surfwear on their kitchen bench overlooking Burleigh Point in 1973. Fast-forward to today and Billabong prides itself on providing the best beach lifestyle garments and accessories with boardshorts and bikinis at the heart.



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