Surf Meal Co

“Barrels of Energy to Perform at your Peak…” T H E S U R F M E A L C O . The Launch of a nutrition company tailored to surfing.

The Surf Meal Co. has debuted the Surf Bar with the official launch of their nutrition company. The first of it’s kind tailored specifically for the demands and energy requirements of surfers; their lifestyle and their sport.

A small but mighty force, The Surf Meal Co. is taking on the food industry creating simple sustenance for surfers by surfers – an edge that keeps the product relevant and the ethos refreshingly authentic. Seeing a lack of variety in foods that were convenient and effective at delivering energy to fuel both short and long surf sessions, founders Steele Walster and Lachlan Tindal set to develop a bar high in protein, quality carbohydrates and full of wholesome natural ingredients to give surfers the ’up and go’.

“We wanted to create a product for seasoned shredders and groms alike that tasted delicious and was the perfect snack to keep you energized for the duration of the session and beyond” Steele says. “We were personally sick of scrambling every time we were headed for the water, for the quick bite that was going to minimize fatigue but not leave that heavy sluggish feeling in your stomach after eating an energy dense meal”. The Surf Bar was developed with nutritional requirements at the forefront and taste paramount.

The debut flavour Choc Cherry is a moreish combination of organic rice malt, chocolate protein powder, magnesium, coconut, nuts, seeds and sour cherry extract. Designed to be eaten on the go, it can be a pre, post or intra-surf meal on the go and delivers surfers all the energy, without the weigh down or the crash. Conveniently it is also compact enough to be slid in the arm or chest of a wetsuit for fuel in the line up…yep they’re thinking of it all.

The founding family includes a tight knit group of 3, with the idea originating with WA born and based Steele Walster. After spending a stint living on the Gold Coast and surfing for hours on end, he was frustrated by his surf sessions being cut short by limitations on his body being overcome with muscle fatigue and cramps, despite being exceedingly fit. He envisaged a product that would allow you to get into the surf early, beat the wind, perform at your peak without feeling sluggish from eating a big breakfast. Enter the Surf Bar. This is merely the first chapter for The Surf Meal Co. There are new products on the horizon, just keep an eye out for them at dawn patrol.


The Surf Meal Co are currently seeking experiences account managers and stockist. Please contact Steele Walster