The Environment Award of the Year recognizes an environmental and sustainability initiative(s) within the business or community with measurable result(s) in eyes of both SBIA Members. This award is open to both brands and retailers. As detailed in the Entry Process if a Brand / Manufacturer does not wish to become an SBIA Member, they are required to pay an Entry Administration Fee. Each Product Award Category fee is $5500.00 (inc GST). This payment is to be made when entering submission for the category(s). This fee does not apply to retailers in this category.


Environment Award Framework
  • The Environment Award is open to all Products, Brands / Manufacturers and Retailers. Entrants are to complete and submit the Australian Surf Industry Awards Environment OTY Entry Pro Forma, supplied by SBIA. This submission form is available on the forms page
  • The submission is to detail the environmental and sustainability initiative(s) within the business or community Videos and/or images to support the submission are encouraged. These must be in a valid format of .pdf, .jpeg, .mp4 also accepted are links to vimeo / youtube and or other photo / video hosting websites. If using a web host, Brands are to ensure the videos have embedding abilities.
  • Initiative(s) must have been active during the previous calendar year.
Areas that must addressed when completing your submission:
  • Detail how the initiative demonstrates good environmental and sustainability practice
  • Outline and savings or cost benefits to the initiative
  • Explain the environmental protection and social responsibility that were considered with this initiative. Does your initiative go beyond what is expected of the law and regulation authorities?
  • Describe how the initiative is effective.
  • Describe the initiative’s innovation, creativity and originality
  • Showcase any leadership your initiative has taken within the industry
Judging Criteria

Judging is based on all the information the submissions detail as well as any supporting collateral. Judging carries 100% weighting. For more information about judging please refer to the Judging Information.
The judging will consider the applicant’s creative approach to the criteria and its presentation within the judging process



The Service to the Industry Award is an integral part of the Australian Surf Industry Awards. It is about recognising those who have made a significant and substantial contribution to the Australian Surf Industry.

This Award calls for submissions from those within the Surf Industry to put forward a person, company or collective group of people whom they feel deserve the award. It is decided upon by the SBIA Board of Directors. There is no voting for this award.