Why should I use the Customer Service Modules?

The SBIA, along with John Blake from Sales Breakthrough Solutions and Velpic eLearning Platform have created a “Surf Specific” online retail training system that is now available exclusively to SBIA members.

This training is the first of its kind, being the first time a Surf Specific online retail sales training system has been offered anywhere in the world.

This customer service focused, Online Training Program consists of 6 modules and have both explanations of what to do as well as video roleplays of the key behaviours that drive results in each module. The modules are to be completed within 24 days, Staff members can complete the modules all at once or can stagger them over this period.   This training can be delivered in store or even out of hours, they can also be viewed on any device including tablets and smart phones, making this the most convenient training option ever!

Business owners or managers can also easily monitor the progress of each team member in the training via the training dashboard. The Dashboard shows who has completed the training, which modules are overdue to be completed as well as which lessons are still to be completed.

The Customer Service Online Training investment is $25 per staff member for the entire program. Using this system, a store with a sales team of 5 people including part timers could train their entire team for just $125.

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Step 2. How to register your team members

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Victor Tilley (Red Herring Surf)“It has been excellent for us and reinforced the sales program that we already have in place. It has built the confidence levels of all staff members who have completed modules and this has shown in their manner and ability to deal better with customers. Knowledge is king!”

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