SBIA Industry Roundtable

We will be announcing the date, location and times of the next SBIA Round Table shortly.

 25th October, 2018 | Round Table

Guest Speakers Included (profiles below):
  • Susan Judd, Managing Director | HR Culture
  • Dan Eagles, Director | Pro Space
  • Jessica Sinclair, Senior Strategist | Retail Oasis
  • Sam Webb, Sam Webb, Co-Founder & Co-CEO | Livin

Susan Judd, Managing Director | HR Culture

Susan Judd is the joint founder of EQHQ and the Managing Director of HR Culture. Susan started HR Culture in 2008 to assist small and medium business owners and managers by providing them with expert Human Resource support across all areas of employment.

Susan has a passion to build happy and engaged workplaces where people are motivated and inspired to do and be their best. To achieve this vision, Susan became a Certified Practitioner of Genos in 2012 enabling her to deploy emotional intelligence in workplaces throughout Australia.

More recently Susan became accredited to deliver the Genos IGNITE Emotional Intelligence Enhancement Program designed to help leaders improve their impact, influence and resilience. She also delivers executive coaching to individuals wishing to increase their leadership effectiveness by developing their emotional intelligence capabilities.

Jessica Sinclair, Senior Strategist | Retail Oasis

With a strong foundation in marketing strategy, Jess brings a wealth of experience from digital strategy to customer engagement and retention. Her curiosity in customer behaviours and passion for analysis makes her an integral part of our strategy team.

Dan Eagles, Director | Pro Space

As a passionate retailer, with experience both in operations and development, I now bring this to the table from a suppliers perspective – working in the design & development side of retail with Prospace Design Studios. I continually seek to innovate the way in which products are sold. With a real approach to design, articulating brands in a physical space excites me.

Sam Webb, Co-Founder & Co-CEO | Livin

Sam is well known in Australia for his appearances on TV. Most people will recognise Sam as Survivor Australia contestant or more recently from his role on the Network Tens drama series, Neighbours. A graduate of Sydney’s drama school, Screenwise, Sam has also received credit for his work as a host on Nine’s Great Escapes and his work on the feature film documentary, Suicide: The Ripple Effect which premiered in LA, in March 2018.

Sam has received notable recognition for his work in co-founding the mental health organisation and charity, LIVIN after the death of his good friend to suicide. The core of their mission is to break the stigma around mental health through fashion, events and programs. Since inception LIVIN have delivered their program to over 50,000 young people in schools around the country.

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