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Supporting Australian Skateboarding Since 2004.

Folklore Skateboards is an Australian Skate brand which has spent the last 16 years focused on providing Aussie skaters with quality skateboard decks that will have the crew skating longer and for less. Throughout our 16 year history we always aimed to support general Aussie skaters, the industry and were there for many Australian skaters as they found their feet internationally.

Folklore started as a garage skate brand operation in 1997, then named Urban Sk8er, making basic decks and completes for skaters in Western Australia. The small wins we had at Urban Sk8er allowed us to progress our processes and materials, which created the basis for Folklore Skateboards which has been our main drive since 2004. Throughout this time our Team has changed and evolved into what we think are some of the raddest skaters this country has to offer.

Our desire for quality but dedication to value led us into experimenting with materials and lamination methods to ensure we were getting the absolute most out of our wood. A few of these developments were into temperature-controlled lamination for our maple boards and the use of composite laminates to fine-tune pop and performance.

Today we continue to push performance and are lucky to be able to utilise this experience to ensure our offerings are on point. Today we have refined our range to 2 press types: Warm Press and Fibre-Tech Lite. Warm Press is the result of our time experimenting with temperature controlled lamination and has concreted us and the warm-press in the Australian market as the best value for money.


Vincent Kennard-Davis

E: vincent@folklore.com.au

M: 0417 925 577

W: www.folklore.com.au