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Christmas is just around the corner…is your business geared up to exceed customer expectations?

Retail Doctor Group has created a Christmas Checklist to help retailers provide customers with a seamless shopping experience that will launch them to the top of everyone’s Christmas shopping list.

The checklist will run through selling skills and fitness tips, which derive from our proven Fit for Business™ model and will enable you to reach your Christmas shoppers with ease.

12 Benefits of Retail Doctor Group’s Christmas Fitness tips:

  1. Integrate your in-store and online experience
  2. Maximise your team’s engagement and skill mix
  3. Assess the effectiveness of your touch-points
  4. Optimise your product add-ons
  5. Find gaps in the customer experience and learn how to improve them
  6. Use product knowledge for Christmas casuals
  7. Ho Ho HO It’s an omnichannel Christmas
  8. Learn techniques to effectively manage and inspire your most valuable asset, your people
  9. Preparation of your business Christmas fulfilment plans
  10. Prepare your welcome back customer strategy
  11. Brand monitoring and visual merchandise leadership
  12. Improve overall store performance
  13. Register to download our complimentary Christmas Checklist and learn how to streamline your business operations and inspire shoppers during the years busiest season.

Click the link below to download the guide.

Retail Doctor Group_Get Fit For Christmas

The SBIA would like to thank Brian Walker CEO of the Retail Doctor Group for their ongoing support and content contrbutions.

Brian Walker –CEO & Founder Retail Doctor Group

Brian Walker is “The Retail Doctor”. As Founder and CEO of Retail Doctor Group, which he established in 2005, Brian has steered his business to become the leading retail consulting firm specializing in taking insights driven strategy into award-winning implementation, working across omni channel retail, franchise and service sectors in every retail category. Brian is a sought after keynote speaker and media commentator.