Dragon Alliance announced the launch of a new range of premium acetate eyewear to grow its female collection. Boasting an array of shapes, sizes, and frames to compliment any look. The best part? They launch just in time to instil a breath of fresh air into your summer arsenal.

“As a brand, we have always been in awe at how many amazing women choose to wear Dragon goggles when skiing or snowboarding, pushing themselves and our products to the limit. Additionally, those same women draw from our unisex Sunwear collection every season. Considering this, we felt it was the perfect time to repay that trust and investment with our brand through a dedicated ladies collection in our Sunwear line, allowing us to foster stronger relationships with our community while staying true to the roots of our brand,” said Dragon’s Head of Brand / Sales Matt Hall. 

“Our eyewear product design team, spearheaded by our two lead designers – Megan Greene and Amy Robbins, took advantage of this rich opportunity. Excited by the brief, this quickly developed into a passion project as they combined premium handmade acetate frames with vivid colours in bold silhouettes, creating a purpose-built line that not only stood out from the crowd but turned heads in the process.

The launch of this collection reinforces the brand’s mission and is a true testament to quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and stylish eyewear – with a look that can kill. The release extends well beyond being just a summer product capsule. At Dragon Alliance, we understand sunglasses are more than an accessory but a vehicle for self-expression, allowing you to explore yourself and the world around you. From brunches to cocktails and everything in between – whatever your flavour, we’re sure there’s a style that fits your bill.

After being associated with this brand for over 14 years, I can barely remember being this excited about a product release and thrilled that we now get the opportunity to take this collection to market. For now, all eyes are on October, and now more than ever, we can’t wait to see everyone have the opportunity to experience life in Dragon”.

The updated collection will be launching across Australia and New Zealand in all key retailers and online. Reach out to your friendly Dragon account manager or email sales@dragonalliance.com.au to enquire about the new collection.