2020 has been a whirlwind of change & with change comes opportunity. DRAGON is very excited to launch a partnership with ENDVR for the upcoming summer. ENDVR is a sales-boosting app for brands and retailers, aiming to give front line employees the tools they need to excel at their job. The app creates a centralised hub for brands and retailers alike allowing them to prioritise and incentivise sales training and product knowledge, visual merchandising, sales contests, and many other functions ensuring you can maximise every sales opportunity.

ENDVR are already partnering with so many absolutely iconic brands in the US and Canada so DRAGON couldn’t be more pumped to be able to take ENDVR to market in Aus/NZ.

DRAGON has launched its Summer Sales Incentive & Training Modules via the platform. The ease of the ENDVR app allows DRAGON to launch targeted training modules or mystery giveaways at the click of a few buttons, adding another level of excitement to the traditional training methods.

Matthew Hall – DRAGON Brand Manager.

“What attracted us to the ENDVR app initially is that it removes so many of the significant pressure points and barriers that retailers and brands face when trying to train staff and amplify product knowledge. There are only so many sessions staff can do after hours, and not only do they come at a significant cost to the retailer but invariably some staff are going to get missed. Throw COVID-19 into the equation and the days of 50 staff in the one-room getting worded up over pizzas and beer were definitely off the table so ENDVR was the perfect fit. It allows us to put key information in the palm of the staff member’s hand and also reward their time and attention through both cash and product. They can engage with the app when it suits them and come back as many times as they like to build their sales confidence.

We are thrilled to also be hosting our summer sales incentive via the app. Sales incentives are traditionally admin heavy on both the retailer and brand sides so it made perfect sense for us to let ENDVR do the heavy lifting so the staff can focus on what matters most….. the customer!  

Importantly too, brands and retailers get real-time analytics on all facets of staff engagement so you can apply focus where it’s needed and ensure all of your team are in a position to succeed.

Early uptake at retail has been really positive and we can’t wait to see what the future holds working with the team at ENDVR.”

Steve Gendron – Co-CEO at ENDVR.

“We are proud to be working with some of the biggest action sports brands in North America, and are thrilled to be partnering with the incredible team at Dragon Alliance to introduce ENDVR to the Australian market.

At ENDVR, our number one goal is to see brick & mortar retail thrive by making it easy for brands & retailers to provide front-line employees with the tools they need to deliver a great customer experience, and the incentive those employees are looking for to drive sales every shift.

In Dragon Alliance we have a partner who shares that vision, who embraces innovation both in product & business, and is 100% committed to seeing their retail partners succeed.”

Xander Vansittart – Store Manager/Part Owner at Inland Surf Warragal.

“The App has been a huge positive so far. I have had great feedback from all the staff on the ease of submitting receipts and doing the product knowledge questionnaires. I am a fan of the ranking system as it gives my staff some friendly competition.”