Introducing the Freedom +

A collaboration between Ocean & Earth and Shark Shield

2016 has been a terror year for Australia when it comes to shark attacks, in fact, as of September there has been a total of 17 shark attacks on Australia’s coastline. Surfers and ocean lovers are well aware of the risks when entering another the ocean, but the growing risk has played on everyone’s minds when entering the water in recent times.  This has lead Ocean and Earth to team up with Shark Shield, the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent, to launch the highly anticipated Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf.

This all-new user installable, and transferable, surfboard shark deterrent was designed in partnership with 2 x World Surfing Champion Tom Carroll, and iconic surf hardware brand Ocean & Earth. Tom Carroll states, “The new Shark Shield is a win for surfers and sharks alike, it takes the well being of sharks as seriously as the protection of humans.”


Shark Shield Managing Director and Shark Advocate Lindsay Lyon says, “We have taken the same independently tested and proven technology used in the FREEDOM7 to produce a personal shark deterrent for surfers that does not impact surfing performance. Surfers can now take personal responsibility for their safety and go back to enjoying their ocean adventures.”

The new FREEDOM+ Surf features a removable power module housed in a custom designed Ocean & Earth tail pad kicker, which can easily be transferred from board to board. All surfers need to do is install the new Ocean & Earth tail pad/decal antenna on each board in their quiver. The new tail pad houses the removable power module and includes a sticker-thin, adhesive decal that’s simply applied to the underside of the board. Light in weight, the solution offers nearly zero drag so there is little to no impact on surfing performance.

Brian Cregan, founder and managing director of Ocean & Earth states, “Our company has led the world in the innovation of many core surfing hardware products such as leg ropes, so we are delighted to be working closely with Shark Shield who are leading the world with this amazing and innovative solution for surfers. If it gives you the confidence to get back in the water, it’s a good thing.”



Key features of the FREEDOM+ Surf:

  • Technology scientifically proven to turn sharks away
  • Removable power module housed in custom Ocean & Earth tail pad / decal antenna
  • Near zero drag, sticker-thin adhesive decal antenna is only 500 microns thin
  • Little to no impact on surfing performance with only 250gm located in the tail pad
  • Fully user installable, can be fitted too new or old boards, short or long
  • Affordable Ocean & Earth tail pads for all boards in the quiver
  • Rechargeable 6 Hour lithium battery with LED indicator for power on/off and battery life
  • International charging dock provides fast re-charge time of only 2 hour     screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-1-59-06-pm













The Freedom + Surf is available from