SBIA are proud to announce that they have partnered with Ghost Racks, presenting an exclusive offer coming soon! Ghost Racks have a simple philosophy for what they do: find a problem, create a solution – solve it, easy! The Ghost Racks concept was born exactly like that. The problem was discovered when co-founder Shane Atkins got his first vintage board (a 1980’s Mark Richards twin fin at that) and couldn’t find a solution to hang it in all its glory on his wall at home. The rack solutions around at the time were a bit of an eyesore and detracted from the form and perfection of the board. And so, welcome Ghost Racks, a range of rack solutions with the hallmark of what you don’t see, is what you get.

That’s the abridged version, but in essence it was the pivotal point and the motivation to get creative and how Shane and co-founder Darren Barnes – a qualified plastics fabricator, created their first Ghost Racks prototype and made the vintage MR f​loat ​(literally).

The outstanding design and workmanship of their first piece has continued to be refined with a range of other sizes and forms added to the product repertoire since 2016. The brands designs have garnered a global following within the surfing industry which continues to grow. Undertaking a range of collaborations over the past few years, the Ghost Racks product has been showcased by surfing legends and iconic brands – because they serve the purpose of remaining inconspicuous, yet functional and practical with their trademark ​secure, seamless and precise designs.

Originally made for surfers, by surfers, the Ghost Racks team remain committed to giving back to the culture and sport, not only through their design perspective but also via their partnership with SurfAid – who improve the health, wellbeing and independence of people living in isolated regions connected through surfing.

The Ghost Racks range continues to grow with designs for floor and wall racks for a wide range of boards, from short performance boards to old style mals and bespoke custom racks made to order. If you’ve got a board storage or display problem, Ghost Racks has the solution, and if they don’t they can create a custom solution to suit your needs. New designs are currently in the works but you can check out their current range at ​

For more information on products, pricing and the order process please contact:

Shane Atkins

M- 0401 293 293