Article published on on July 18th, written by Kari Hamanaka

When Captain Fin began dabbling in apparel more than a decade ago, it built a following among those who appreciated its cheeky humor and vintage aesthetic. Now, owner Liberated Brands hopes to make a splash with an apparel relaunch executives estimate will likely become Captain Fin’s largest source of revenue in the future.

We’re seeing a trend within fish, freshwater, and Americana, whether with wave pools or brands, where you’re seeing the surf lifestyle cross over into other regions or activities. So, we thought, ‘Great, there’s a bigger opportunity to expand Captain Fin,’” said Liberated Brands CMO Ryan Immegart. “There’s so much equity in what Captain Fin did with apparel prior to Liberated buying it that there is this existing customer base. And, if you look at some of the other brands that do the surfing, fishing positioning, there is a white space as far as Captain Fin and the way the brand projects itself.”

The apparel relaunch, set for Spring 2024, is the first major announcement since Liberated Brands acquired the business last year. The deal added Captain Fin, launched in 2007 by Mitch Abshere, to a portfolio that includes the master licenses for Volcom and Spyder.

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