There is only a few short weeks away from our biggest day on the SBIA calendar, which includes the Tag Team surfing event, Australian Surf Industry Awards and our second Industry Roundtable.

The roundtable will be a prelude to the Surf Industry Awards, which are on that night at the Crown Plaza, also in Coogee. This is a great opportunity for those attending the awards to also make the most of their travel time to Coogee by attending and soaking up the Roundtable as well. With some engaging topics on the ready it will be sure to be relevant for retailers, brands and staff members alike.

We’re stoked this month to present the 2017 Customer Survey results, as well as a star studded line up of guest speakers  for the event that will be talking about some engaging topics that will be sure to be relevant for retailers, brands and staff members alike.


Paul Greenberg 

First off the rank is Paul Greenberg founder of the National Online Retail Association (NORA).  Paul is an entrepreneur, cheerleader of New Retail, and a top 50 online retail expert with over thirty five years’ experience in retail, technology and entrepreneurship. Paul is highly regarded as the ‘pioneer of online retail in Australia’. He established NORA, a leading not -for-profit retail association and as is passionate about uplifting the spirits of retailers nationwide and looks to provide a more holistic and optimistic approach to retail in Australia. At this months roundtable he will touch on Phygital Retail. A term tossed around in the retail industry about narrowing the gap between the digital and physical retail worlds.



Amber Shannon 

Amber Shannon a consultant with a passion for human performance and personal behavioural patterns that impact results, Amber Shannon enjoys taking on corporate challenges that many consultants shy away from.With qualifications in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Amber relishes thinking outside the box and brings a raw, real and energetic vibe to every project she’s involved with. She loves being a ‘disruptor’ in business, and supporting people through change. Amber calls a spade a spade, and likes nothing more than ‘shaking things up’ to get people thinking differently. During her presentation she will be discussing three main topics; Awareness, Circle of Influence, Concern & Control and how this impacts the customer experience.


Andrew Stark

Last and certainly not least we welcome Surfing Australia CEO and Andrew Stark to the roundtable. With the Olympics on the way, new wave pools being built and the WSL in full action we are excited to see where the future of Australian Surfing is heading. To present on Surfing Australia’s Pathway to the Olympics, Andrew Stark will round out our guest speakers on the day. He will shed some light on the process and the opportunity that the surfing will have now it’s an olympic sport, and an update on the proposed wave pools being built  in Australia.


Event Details:

Date: Thursday 25th May.

Location: Crowne Plaza, Coggee. NSW

Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm


 Tickets available here