O’Neill is proud to support “SOLI BAILEY,” the last in a six-part video series by Morgan Maassen.

Solamon Storm Bailey was born and raised in the quiet town of Byron Bay, Australia. A young indigenous man with a deep connection to his country and coastline. Through his humble, but also fiercely motivated nature, Soli’s small-town roots shine through.

Dedicated from an early age, Soli left the cozy confines of Byron for his quest to qualify for the World Championship Tour. From the outside, we saw a new face arrive and seemingly burst onto the scene to win an event at Pipeline and qualify for the 2019 Championship Tour. What we don’t see is the grind, years of persistence, demanding travel, some wins, but lots of losses.

When you strip all of this away, we see a very talented surfer in his element. Soli at a perfect righthander, showcasing his surfing talents and proudly flying the flag for indigenous Australians.

Filmed & Edited by Morgan Maassen