Announcing the first ever Surf Retail Specific online sales training course 

The SBIA in conjunction with John Blake and Velpic, are proud to announce the first ever online surf specific retail sales training system – a program developed specifically for the surf retail market.

For many retailers, staff training has become cost prohibitive. The cost of training staff is compounded by having to pay them for the day plus there is the chance that they may resign.

So many retailers do not invest in staff training, which is counter productive when you consider that the number one competitive advantage for a bricks and mortar retailer in today’s market is in the customer experience.

But now, using the SBIA surf retail sales training online training system, a surf retailer can train every sales person who works on the floor. This will ensure the customer experience they offer is consistent, regardless of if the team member is part time, casual or full time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.00.54 AM

To check the program overview video plus see exactly how you can register your store and start registering team members, simply click on the below link.

Customer Service Online Training

Customer Service Online Training Information