In October of 2019 Quiksilver will launch its new global campaign led by its sustainable offering in Boardshorts and Snow outerwear for the consumer. In July of 2018 Quiksilver ticked over the 100 million bottles recycled into boardshorts mark, which led to the brand executing the “Our playground needs us – From Bottles to Boardshorts” campaign with great commercial success across our account base here in Australia. The campaign was led with an omni channel approach that brought digital landscape to SBIA member group with targeted and localised execution, delivering not just eye balls but foot traffic and sales. The commercial success of this from a consumer stand point was justified not only via sales but also Coastal Watch setting a new benchmark in click through rates and ad engagement for the platform. This highlights that the consumer is expecting sustainability from surf brands and is highly engaged by it.

From Quiksilver, by 2020 we have made the steps so that 100% of the boardshort range is from Repreve traceable recycled material as well as 65% of our Snow range. From the start of January, Quiksilver’s Rash Vest range will also be from a recycled derivative fibre either from Repreve or other suppliers (bar two thermal offerings).  Couple this with the volley range, Amphibian range plus jackets, fleece and other items, it has in essence somewhat turbo charged the Repreve partnership, that has existed since 2011. As of now Quiksilver has ticked over the 200 million post-consumer waste plastic PET bottles into boardshorts from Repreve and is on track to hit the quarter of a billion mark by the end of 2019.

Repreve is unique by being able to guarantee a traceable post-consumer source for their bottles primarily from two regions. One the USA, Canada and Mexico, the second being Asia. Quiksilver’s Repreve post-consumer bottles are largely sourced from Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Thailand, which is close to our factories we work with. This helps subvert some of the harm done from shipping product around the world. Having the Repreve mark helps give the consumer confidence that they are buying a product form a sustainable source component.

From a Quiksilver stand point, whilst we have had a long history within sustainability initiatives (including The Crossing), we know we can do a lot better and are inspired by the industry leaders and benchmarks that have been set by them. We are working towards emulating the great work that has been done by these brands and feeding off and sharing knowledge so we can all become better together.

Realistically, we are only at the beginning of this and have a lot more work to do. This includes current mapping, auditing and target, plus goal setting to develop a coherent plan and transparent milestone map to strive towards.