Out of all the plastic consumed in the world — some estimate the amount to be more than 250 million tons a year — only 10% is recycled. As a result, enough plastic to fill an entire garbage truck enters the ocean every minute.

Not cool. But that’s enough with the gloomy statistics — let’s talk action.

Three simple words can help us collectively address the world’s plastic problem: reduce, reuse and recycle. For now, let’s focus on the last one.

Quiksilver & Roxy’s favourite form of recycling? Making boardshorts, of course.

With the help of Repreve technology, Quiksilver & Roxy has been turning plastic bottles into boardshorts and other products for over five years. Producing boardshorts with recycled polyester consumes 45% less energy and 20% less water than conventional methods. Overall, the recycled product is responsible for one third fewer greenhouse gases than conventional polyester — and it helps prevent bottles from making it into our lineups.

Over the next few years, their goal is to incorporate recycled plastic into every boardshort they make. Working towards that goal, a major milestone has been reached  — Quiksilver has officially recycled 100 million bottles into boardshorts and other goods. 


Roxy believe that every ROXY girl wants to do her part for the planet. Whether it’s doing a special volunteer activity to give back on Earth Day or celebrating Mother Nature all year long, we are inspired to do the same.Select styles of our boardshorts are now made with Repreve ®, a recycled fiber made from recycling plastic bottles. By using Repreve, they are using less petroleum and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses, helping to conserve precious natural resources. Even better, the fabric created in the process looks good, feels soft and is easier on the environment, making ROXY greener one product at a time!

The latest collection of Repreve Boardshorts will be shown as part of the Autumn Winter (S1) Range during June/July 2018.