The new SBIA board held its first meeting since the AGM last week in Sydney with the election of the office bearers for the next 12 months the first item finalised. As per the SBIA charter, the make-up of the board is three brand representatives and three retail representatives, and one independent board member from outside the surf industry.

After the SBIA AGM held in October the board has two new members, Andy Ireland, owner of SA’s Saltbush Surf and Oakley’s Damien Campbell, who joined Anthony Wilson, Paul Burdekin, Michael Neil, Ian Macpherson and Russell Zimmerman on the board.

The board for the next 12 months is:

PRESIDENT – Anthony “Macka” Wilson
Saltwater Wine | Stormriders NSW
Owned the business for 26yrs
Founding board member, ISRA in 2007
Founding board member SRF / SBIA in 2011

VICE PRESIDENT – Paul Burdekin
General Manager, Asia Pacific at the Billabong Group.
8 years at Billabong
SBIA Board, two years

TREASURER– Michael Neil
General Manager, O’Neill, South Pacific
8 years at O’Neill
SBIA board, 1 year

SECRETARY – Andy “Shrek” Ireland
Saltbush Surf SA, 21 years
Past President ISRA
Founding Board Member SRF/SBIA 2011

Star Surf + Skate, Perth and Mandurah, WA
17 years in business
Founding board member of SRF/SBIA
ISRA member since 08

BRAND BOARD MEMBER – Damian Campbell
Director of Sport, Luxottica, Greater South Pacific

Executive Director of the ARA (Australian
Retailers Association) since 2009
Owner of Sparks Shoes retail chain since 1980.


One item the board discussed at length was the establishment of an advisory board/sub committee. The consensus was that a formal Advisory Sub Committee will achieve more on a number of front, in particular, engaging individuals who want to be more involved, but currently don’t have the channel, and share the Board’s workload.
The purpose of the Advisory Board is:

To provide input and feedback to the SBIA Board so as to continuously improve the SBIA and its activities.
To seek feedback and input from its Members and stakeholders on SBIA and its activities.
To recommend activities, functions, events and special projects to the SBIA Board.
To act as a communication conduit between the SBIA Board and its Members, stakeholders and the broader industry.

The structure of the Advisory Board will be eight to 10 members appointed for one year and will be a mix of retailers and brands from varying board sports sectors.
“We have had a number of members keen to provide input and help out. We see the Advisory Sub committee as the catalyst to make this happen and also a way to share the workload,” noted Anthony Wilson.
If you are interested in being involved on the Advisory Board, contact Amber Mann, the SBIA executive officer:


The board also reviewed the SBIA Mission statement, the consensus being there’s a need for a “fourth pillar” that states the aim to maintain a connection between the surf industry and the sport’s governing bodies and its athletes.

“Our mission to date has all been inwards focused – how can we do a better job, how we can create opportunities. We felt there is a big opportunity to grow the pond, so to speak, by having stronger connections and alignment with the various bodies and associations,” said Anthony Wilson

The revised Mission statement is:

Our vision is to nurture and support the development of the Surf and Boardsports Industry.

The mission of the SBIA is to support the development of the Surf and Boardsports Industry through our four pillars:

1. Elevate, up-skill and educate via industry specific news and articles shared through our newsletters and website.

2. Inform and nurture through our research, meetings and roundtables.

3. Celebrate and create opportunity for Australia’s best Surf and Boardsports brands, products and retailers through our annual Surf Industry Awards.

4. Strengthen the links between participants, athletes, governing bodies, brands and retailers.


The Board is currently reviewing the timing and venue for next year’s Awards. There is some concern with the July date that was tentatively set and a potential clash with Autumn range showings.

“May is looking like the best month at this stage. We are also canvassing opinion on hosting a hard goods tradeshow in conjunction with the Awards for our surfboard and accessories guys,” added Macka.

We’ll have further details on both the Awards date and the trade show in the next SBIA newsletter.