Shaping the future with @jalaan.surfergirl

Surfboards are unique as they are still very much an artisan industry, with manufacturers very much so learning and refining their craft in local beach communities across the world. In this day and age, with ever increasing presence of women in the line ups, it’s still very rare to come across a surfboard shaper that is a woman and Jalaan represents a handful of aspiring women shapers that are learning and refine their craft.

At just 16 years old, Jalaan has already made a name for herself, shaping boards for world champs and other surfers from her home-based cottage shaping bay in Fingal Head, New South Wales Australia. Jalaan’s roots run deep being a young indigenous woman from Bundjalung Country, situated on the north coast of NSW and south east corner of Queensland. Country that takes in iconic wave rich locations such as Byron Bay, The Tweed Coast and the Gold Coast.

Growing up on the land of her ancestors, she fell in love with the ocean, movement of boards and surfing. Jalaan wanted to create something unique to pass onto future generations whilst keeping her culture alive.

Respecting the land, ocean and each other guides her creative process. Jalaan’s aim is to connect with people to create something unique and personal. A connection to nature and its natural energy flows through the boards she creates. Jalaan is making a name for herself in a very male-dominated industry and continues to empower other young girls to follow their dreams.

A true representation of Making Waves and Moving Mountains.

ROXY are excited to welcome Jalaan to the ROXY team of aspiring women and are grateful in her sharing her story and culture.