Lifestyle distribution company The Leisure Collective International (TLCI), known for iconic brands Creatures of Leisure, OTIS Eyewear and sito Shades, have just added Layday® Towels to their stable. The deal will see TLCI take over ownership of the brand and distribute their packable, journey towels globally from July 1st. The move is actually a full-circle moment, since Layday was originally started as a ‘side- hustle’ by former TLCI employee Jamie Thompson and his wife Janelle.

“I couldnʼt be happier that the group I’ve always had a ton of respect for are now able to take Layday to the next step,” says Jamie about the sale. “Weʼve been able to grow the brand organically these past 8 years, and now with The Leisure Collective’s talented humans and solid distribution structure, it’s going to be super satisfying to see Layday reach the heights I’ve always envisioned”.

“We have a lot of admiration for what Jamie and Janelle have been able to achieve with the brand and are intent on maintaining its personality as we grow it to a wider audience,” continues Nathan Omodei, CEO & Director at The Leisure Collective. “It really is the perfect fit, having an essential for beach life and travel added to the mix, which also meets our sustainability vision.”

Layday® gained traction online because of its ultra-comfortable journey towels woven with natural yarn. They do everything a conventional polyester travel towel does, all without leaching micro-plastics into the environment…and a far better skin feel. All 4 packable Layday® collections are woven with 100% natural yarn; Waffle for textured skin feel, Flatweave for ultimate packability, Jacquard for soft, reversible designs and French Terry for the ultimate in packable absorption.

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