Californian style master, Conner Coffin, has just extended his partnership with SurfEars ear plugs for another
3 years. The world number 4 first partnered with the brand to look after escalating ear issues from decades
of surfing. The fit has been perfect, because SurfEars help prevent ear infections and exostosis (aka Surfer’s
Ear) without affecting hearing or balance – essential for someone who lives and dies by his performance in
the water. The continuation of the relationship will see Conner as the main ambassador for SurfEars through
until early 2025.

“Re-signing with SurfEars is great and just makes sense on both sides,” says Conner. “I have bad surfer’s ear
and SurfEars are by far my favourite ear plugs to wear to help prevent me from needing surgery. I’m happy
to represent a great product that helps other people out!”

SurfEars has won the SIMA award multiple times for best surfing hardgoods product and placed runner-up
at the SBIA awards for best innovation. The ground-breaking design lets sound in and keeps water out,
helping to prevent bacterial infections and problems associated with exposure to wind and water, while
keeping the surfing experience as natural as possible. The current SurfEars 3.0 technology has also recently
been expanded from adult sizing to kids, allowing groms the full benefits of protecting their ears without
the hassle and discomfort experienced with other ear plugs.

For more information about SurfEars, head into your closest core retailer, or visit