SBIA Footwear of the Year Runner’s Up Boomerangz Thongs, have appointed two new sales agents.

They are pleased to announce they have appointed “FLOW AGENCY” (Headed up by Jay Robbins) as their Western Australian Sales Representative and “FASHION BAR AGENCY” (headed up by Alicia Rohrig as their South Australian Sales Representative.

Boomerangz managing director, Brad Munro says “We are humbled to be included along-side our sales agents stable of incredibly successful brands. Partnering with the right people that share a similar ethos to us and to successfully represent our brand is integral to the growth of our business. It’s all about the people involved, ensuring we are offering quality products and solving pain points. From manufacturers and suppliers, to sales agents, to retailers and right through to the customer experience”.

Retailers…if you would like more information or to request a sample pair, they can do so by e-mailing