We are all feeling the effects from COVID-19, and in an attempt to provide support to retailers during this time we have compiled a list of brands and their strategies in response to this pandemic. We hope this information will bring more clarity to retailers during these uncertain and challenging times, and we will continue to add more information as we receive it. 

Please note that it is important for retailers to discuss their plans with brands individually. 


Haydon Gray, Group General Manager, and Josh de Souza, Brand Manager, advised to partners this week:

“As a result of the unprecedented developments of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as relook to understand this unparalleled impact, we are wanting to ensure we are mutually best positioned to see our partnership only strengthen through this ‘situation’.” 

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Justin Daniels, O”Neil’s APAC Managing Director released a statement this week: 

“As this once in a lifetime devastating event, sweeps throughout the world and our amazing country, I’d like to outline how O”Neill is approaching forward orders, summer indents and general retail support.

Without retailers we don’t have a business/brand, without brands you don’t have a business. It’s a fragile ecosystem under attack, requiring partnership actions, ensuring this great industry is ready to paddle out and ride forward again.”

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In a statement released this week, Geoff Backshall, Managing Director of Rusty shared:

“It’s been a tough start to 2020. As a country we have experienced drought, a horrific bushfire season and flooding. As a company, we were quick to roll our sleeves up and help out those who suffered terribly during the bushfire season and well after the fires were extinguished. Internally our staff wanted to do more, and managed to pull together the Bushfire Relief Tee, which resulted in a $65,000 donation that was split between Wires and The Redcross Bushfire Relief appeal. We saw great support from people not just in Australia but across the globe, who wanted to help but weren’t sure how.

And now here we all are……. just as things started to turn around for us as a Country and an Industry, we are facing one of Australia’s worst pandemics, the Coronavirus.”

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General Manager of Volcom Aus/NZ, Alison Thomas, shared this week: 

“As we all trade through this difficult chapter we wanted to give you full visibility on how Volcom is approaching Open Orders, Settlement Discounts and future indent structure for 2020.

We are deeply saddened by the current situation we are all going through and will do everything in our powers to support and work with our accounts.” 

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