It’s rare for a new product to make things more sustainable and improve performance. Recent B Corp-certified brand, Creatures of Leisure, have just released a revolutionary surf traction pad that does exactly that. Called PROTO 1.4, the tail pad is injection-moulded and radically reduces waste while offering a world-first, multi-directional grip pattern mapped from the shape of a surfer’s foot. The breakthrough design was created after 3 years of intense research, development and testing with world champions, Mick Fanning and Italo Ferreira.

After my first experience seeing how traction was made, it became a major challenge to find a better way. What we were able to achieve with PROTO 1.4 was a monumental shift in the manufacturing process, that ultimately allowed for elevated performance. It’s truly going to change the future of traction and how we see it.” – Creatures Head of Brand & Product, Beau Campi

The waste left behind after making one normal traction pad is crazy.” says Mick. “Moulding traction is a game changer.

Up to 67% of a normal tail pad’s raw materials currently goes into landfill. PROTO 1.4 reduces that to just 5%. Even better, it’s made with an organic additive called EcoPure®, which allows offcuts, and the pad itself, to biodegrade in landfill at its end of life.

Performance-wise, the design engages the right places in a surfer’s foot with the world’s first multi- directional grip pattern called Multi-Loc. A Recoil Kick locks your foot and provides extra spring, while a special Pro-Form Arch adds extra support and comfort during hard landings.

We looked at shoes for inspiration,” continues Mick, “We are no longer constricted to one specific shape for the whole pad, we can mix’n’match. The details of what we can change to make the best grip is on another level.

This thing is incredible!” says ltalo Ferreira about PROTO 1.4. “It looks like the pad came from the future. Light, perfect grip and so comfortable in the water. I’m glad to be involved with a product that makes traction better and adds to surfing performance.

PROTO 1.4 is available only in selected core surf shops around the world. To check it out in person, find your closest stockist at