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Since its inception in Australia, Fox Guard’s newest security tag has swept through the retail industry displacing criminals to easier targets. The results have been phenomenal with reductions in shoplifting of between 50% to 80% and an average return on investment (ROI) of 12 months or less.


Shoplifters today use a hook or magnet device, legally purchased online from hundreds of sellers, to remove tags in-store and within seconds. These bootleg detachers can be concealed in a hand or pockets, and are used to quickly and easily open old-style tags, without a sound or disturbance to notify staff that it’s happening.

Shoplifters purchase detachers from online sellers such as Sydney based group or eBay and Amazon and educate themselves on how to use them, using social media platforms such as YouTube, Reddit, Facebook and Tumbler.

An Australian-based study has found that shoplifting is surging, with major retailers losing over $3.3 billion last year alone. Commissioned by the Profit Protection Future Forum, the Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Survey is the first of its kind dedicated to the AUS/NZ region, with researchers reaching out to over 9000 local retailers, loss prevention professionals and shoplifters to understand the impact of theft.


Fox Guard sells the world’s most secure apparel security tag, called Loxxys. Its revolutionary locking mechanism can’t be opened with magnets or hooks, and can withstand 62kg of force pressure, five times more than standard old-style tags.

During a three month trial of Loxxys security tags by one of Australia’s leading retail chains with 400+ stores, Loxxys consistently achieved shoplifting reductions of 78% to 89% with a return on investment (ROI) within the 90 day trial period!

That’s a ten times higher ROI than all standard old-style tags that use magnets or hooks to be detached.

These incredible results continue to surpass all expectations and represent some of Australia’s largest and fastest store loss-reduction successes in the last decade.

In fact, off the back of these amazing results, Loxxys was shortlisted in two categories at the prestigious 2019 Retail Risk – Australian Fraud Awards for Most Innovative Physical Solution and best Newcomer.


Loxxys security tags are European-designed and developed following years of dedicated research and development. Each patented Auto Electronic Detacher is hand-assembled in Europe, has a traceable serial number and cannot be purchased online.

Loxxys is distributed exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Fox Guard Pty Ltd, an Australian retail anti-theft business that supplies stores with innovative security tags and detection technologies such as security gates and RFID antennas.


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