Some simple steps to maximise your sales.

By Ben Goss

Eyewear is one of the foundation categories to any successful surf and boardsports retailer. However there are some basic merchandising steps to follow that will maintain consistent sales across this “bread and butter” product.

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  • Begin by removing all eyewear and cleaning both cabinet and eyewear so you start with a clean slate.
  • Ensure all eyewear have category stickers affixed.
  • More eyewear does not mean more sales. The cabinet needs to feel full but don’t be tempted to have everything out on display, your customer will be overtaken with a sea of Black & Brown frames. Better stores generally sell from stock in storage not on the shelf – this ensures your merchandising remains virtually untouched and the consumer feels like they are getting a fresh pair. Train staff to replenish from reserve stock so that only one of each style is on display.
  • Merchandise in face shapes – large frames suit larger heads, therefore it makes sense to have this product grouped together so that the customer has options and you can narrow them to 2 – 3 frames from the get go, making it easier to close the sale.
  • Use risers throughout to further create depth and height –lining everything up behind one another makes it difficult to see actual colours of frames and lenses.
  • Use a mix of angled and front facing eyewear to add interest.
  • Position polarised options towards the front of the cabinet giving them the most visibility.
  • Coloured frames and lenses to be displayed at the rear of display, drawing the customers attention to the entire range of product on shelf.
  • In the battle of generic over branded cabinets we have no concrete evidence of what drives sales. Whilst generic non-branded cabinets are an efficient use of space in store, the lighting, height and depth of shelves and storage are usually overlooked and limit the ability to tell great product stories. Coupled with the inability to move a fixed wall cabinet around the store over time there is a lot of careful consideration required when planning this investment.


Ben Goss
Oakley Marketing