Here’s a brief user guide to Folklore’s brand spanking B2B system – there is no monetary transaction on this website, it allows you to place an order which they wiII fulfil at the warehouse. Your invoice will be supplied wth the goods.

Their priority was to make it as straight-forward as possible and we think you’ll quickly get a feel for it, it’s setup like a typical e-commerce store, except they’’re showing RRP’s and Wholesale pricing. The system is accessible only to those who have personally communicated their intent wth Vincent, so don’t fret about the public stumbling their way into their B2B.


By this stage you should have al ready been contacted to arrange your b2b account, if not please shoot and an email through to To get started simply head over to “” and enter the credentials they’’ve supplied you with. Hit Log in. 


There’s a small guide at the top of the home page if you’re looking for info. There are two main ways to navigate: by- brand and by- category. Once you’re in the shop, there is a sidebar on the left that will allow you to navigate directly to other brands or categories. Anything that is on the site is in stock and ready to ship. 

Pricing Display:

They’ve listed both RRP price and wholesale price through, the site Your cart total will reflect wholesale pricing.  Be sure to check out the specials section for discounted items and bulk deals.

Placing an Order:

Placing in an order is simple. You can select sizes, colours and quantities at the product level. At cart level you can change only the quantity. Once you’ve got your order sorted head the to cart and hit checkout. Enter your details there, Folklore are requesting a few bits of info -note: the email field doesn’t not have to match your login emaiI. We already have your address on file. Additional information: add any specific delivery instructions for the warehouse dudes -deliver to the back of the shop, etc. once you’re done hit ‘Place Order’ and you’ II be taken to the order number and overview. They’ll email a copy to you and to the warehouse. 

Order Fulfilment:

We’ll receive your order at the warehouse as soon as you hit ‘order’ and will get onto it asap. We’ve made no change with warehousing or shipping in this b2b roll out so its business is as usual. 

Password Reset: 

To reset you password from the generic one they used for everyone (a good idea):

– hit menu

– hit My Account

– hit .Account DetaiIs

– scroll down to ‘password change’ and you know the rest Current pw is Folklore007

Reviewing Order: / Invoice Retrieval:

Follow the instructions in Password Reset above and scroll down the table. Click on the ‘View’ button to retrieve your invoice and view its status. 

For more info contact – for technical issues please email