Nixon, has announced a street-ready next gen of their Regulus watch. The Regulus Stainless Steel is style forward while compromising nothing of the original’s purpose-built function. Forged from solid stainless steel, this is a watch that manages to blur the lines between tactical ops and streetwear flash.

One of the most popular styles in the Nixon line, the Regulus was originally developed with input from US Special Ops. With features like adjustable brightness and a silent mode to go stealth when you need it, it is a model known for its waterproof durability and all-around functionality no matter where it ends up.

This newest version retains that level of high-function, but with a solid custom stainless steel case and 3 link bracelet, it could easily be all it takes to elevate your look.
Choose from silver, all gold, or all black. The Regulus Stainless Steel retails for $349.99 AUD and is currently available in stores.
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