By Rohan Gow

“Having must-have product in volume in the first three to five metres will entice the customer further into the store.”


The golden mile or hot spot in all retail stores is the first three to five metres as you enter through the doorway. The hot spot should, and needs, to generate the highest sales per square metre in the store. The hot spot needs to communicate to customers what they must purchase now!


The hot spot needs to work hard to generate volume sales at full margin and at a good RRP price. If the hot spot is working well the store’s sales will be strong, as customers are engaged in the offer and your store.


Having must-have product in volume in the first three to five metres will entice the customer further into the store which further allows the store to showcase the complete product range on offer.


The key to driving hot spot sales is the Power Table

POWER TABLES are a key focus to top line sales growth. They provide an easily merchandised display area on the sales floor and are the perfect place to showcase products with a unique selling proposition and, most importantly, showcase your volume best sellers.


POWER TABLES are the first thing a customer sees when entering the store so make sure they are strong and on-trend for your store’s demographic. When using the power table the following points are a simple guide:

  • Always have quality point of sale describing the offer on the power table.
  • Always have stock in high volume with full size ranges on the power table.
  • Use a torso to merchandise the product with other complimentary high volume products.
  • Where applicable, place accessories complementary to the main offer on the table with the product. i.e. caps, towels etc.
  • Never put seasonal sale items at the front of store on power tables.
  • Power tables should always focus on full margin offers in volume.

POWER TABLES are powerful merchandising tools that generate large volume sales at full margin and give the store an opportunity to push a theme or message. They offer an instant product point of difference to the customer as they enter your store in your market place.

So, when next planning your Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter buy, think and work through “what do I want to sell in volume, at a price point and at a margin”. Then back the product in through your buy, set up strong power tables at the front of store in your hot spot and watch sales grow.


* Rohan Gow is General Manager of retail for Rip Curl Australia.