Late last month the SBIA hosted key industry execs and retailers for our bi-annual “Executive Roundtable”. The meeting featured a keynote presentation from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu’s National Leader of Retail, Wholesale & Distribution, David White covering the rapidly evolving Australian and global retail landscape. 

The meeting also discussed a wide range of industry and SBIA topics ind opportunities, including:

  • Alternative approaches to range showings and the need for “Salesman Samples”
  • A check in on the transition to B2B ordering platforms, such as Brandscope. 
  • Who is still printing catalogues and when the industry will transition away from using them. 
  • Opportunities to align sell in periods for better retailer buying periods. 
  • SBIA investigating alternatives to single use plastic packaging for product deliveries to retail and developing a supporting sustainability certification framework. 
  • The SBIA Consumer survey and future shape and frequency of the survey. 
  • Additional opportunities for a deeper dive into internal industry surveys across a range of subjects. 
  • Research opportunities, both internally and externally, via partnering with a financial institution.
  • The appropriateness of the SBIA 4 Pillars
  • The value proposition and activities for paid membership for retailers. 

The SBIA Board of Management, is grateful for the time, insight and feedback provided by the attendees: 

  • Adam Sharp, Rip Curl 
  • Alison Thomas, Volcom AU/NZ | SBIA Board of Management
  • Andrew Lindsay, Coopers Surf
  • Andy Ireland, Salt Bush Surf | SBIA Board of Management
  • Anthony Wilson, Wilson Retail Co | SBIA President
  • Damian Campbell, Boardriders | SBIA Secretary & Treasurer 
  • Dane O’Shanassy,  Patagonia 
  • Geoff Backshall, Rusty
  • Geoff Hutchinson, Backdoor NZ
  • Glenn Callegari, Hillzeez
  • Jason Ang, Hurley
  • Jevon Le Roux, Surfstitch
  • John Mossop, Vissla (Stokehouse)
  • Lachlan Farrren, Ozmosis
  • Mark Hudson, Dragon Alliance | SBIA Vice President
  • Michael Di Scascio, Strapper Surf
  • Neil Ritchie, Alto Sports | SBIA Board of Management
  • Shane Partington, Leisure Collective
  • Vincent Kennard-Davis, Folklore 

The next Executive Roundtable Meeting will be set for November, 2019. Stay tuned!