Getting the right board under your customers’ feet

Presented by Coastalwatch

Summer may be synonymous with the beach and surfing, but as we all know, it is not exactly prime time for quality waves. Small, weak and onshore surf is the norm around the Australian coastline from December through to February, but if they are on the right board any surfer can still have a fun time out there.

Having a good range of the right boards for summer also ensures healthy surfboard sales over this prime retail season, successful core stores carrying something for every surfer.

The most important thing is knowing that a customer is leaving your store with the right board under their arm, guaranteeing their surfing “stoke level” will be high. This is a basic credo for all core surf stores and usually results in the customer returning for their next board or wetsuit.

So it’s not surprising that when Coastalwatch wanted to publish a guide to summer short boards, they went to a retailer for expert guidance – Tim Hanrahan from Aloha Manly Style, winner of the Core Boardstore Award at the 2015 Australian Surf Industry Awards.

Tim knows his stuff and as you can see from the video, he presents all the practical and technical information a customer needs to make the right choice.

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Below is Tim’s pick of six of the best small wave boards for this summer:


LOST  – Puddle Jumper



DHD – Black Diamond

PSILLAKIS – Step Sister

WARNER – The Mexican