A comprehensive run-down on some the best board bags

Presented by Coastalwatch

Board bags are big section within the accessories category and winter is the time they move, with a lot of Australian surfers travelling to Indo, the Maldives and the Pacific islands in search of warm water and round tubes. There is a lot of choice out there for the consumer with high tech, multi-board bags, basic single covers and super lightweight bags designed to minimise excess baggage charges. So it is important that the staff selling the bags know the differences between bags, the pros and cons and has the ability to assess the customer’s needs.

In this guide, Tim Hanrahan from Aloha Manly Style and Ben McCartney, chief swell forecaster for Coastalwatch and a very experienced surf traveller, run through 14 of the best board bags on the market. Once your staff is across the guide it should ensure you have happy customers leaving your store with the right product.

Individual guides:

  • Rip Curl LWT Day
  • Rip Curl F-Light double
  • Creatures Shortboard Day
  • Creatures Shortboard Double
  • Balin Ute Double
  • Balin Slimline Triple
  • Ocean and Earth Double Compact
  • Ocean and Earth Double Coffin
  • Dakine Deluxe Thruster
  • Dakine Regulaltor 2.0 Triple
  • Shapers Daylight Shortboard
  • Shapers Platinum Triple
  • Kommunity Armour Lightweight
  • Kommunnity Double Lightweight


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