By Rosalie Vella

Interior Designer at Prospace Australia

There is a large trend now towards temporary retailing and pop-up shops. Large very well-known brands to entry-level businesses are embracing this trend as it allows retailers to extend their brand, introduce and test new products, connect with customers and create new experiences.

Creating memorable experiences will allow your customer base to engage with the brands’ identity and a pop-up store will build on this relationship, allowing customers to look at the product, feel it and even try it on.


Creating a pop-up store experience is a great way to deliver impact within a saturated market. It allows your brand to stand out and connect offline with its customer base, creating a completely holistic approach and bringing your product to life.

There are many ways to create a space that will stand out, traditionally pop up stores have typically been within a brick and mortar environment but now you can create a store within a store, kiosk or even motorised.

The best ways to stand out:

  • Build intriguing eye-catching window displays to draw customers into store
  • Create a captivating entrance that continues to draw customers through
  • Merchandise should be displayed to enhance the customer experience
  • Collaborating with other brands is another way to stand out and cross-promote opening up your brand to a whole new audience.
  • Your pop-up store is an opportunity to do something different and test new ideas, it doesn’t need to always follow on from your previous store design it’s a chance to be bold, experiment with colour, graphics and feature display elements.


Pop up stores being temporary in nature create a here today gone tomorrow element to push interest. Some retailers play on this temporary idea to push sales this can be achieved by using:

  • Modular solutions that can be changed or moved with ease.
  • Stands and displays that are simple
  • Stands that are unique and perhaps decorative but also don’t take away from the product

The best way to achieve the above on limited budgets that are typically allocated to these kinds of projects is to utilise offshore production. At IA hardware we can help you achieve the desired look while managing your budget. We take care of your needs from design through to installation to ensure your project is a success.


Here are a few examples of brands making an impact within the market with their pop-up store designs. Get some inspiration and make your ideas happen.


Zara developed a technology driven pop up store dedicated to online orders:

So, why make a physical store if buyers can instead shop directly online? It allowed the brand to test new ideas to enhance the customer journey and provided an environment where consumers could engage with the brand. Within this store some of the new ideas that were tested were:

  • A product recommendation system, which uses RFID technology. Customers were able to scan an item to receive more information on it, in addition to multiple choices for coordinating and combining the item with other garments and accessories.
  • The store was equipped with a number of sensors that projected images from Zara’s current collection when shoppers approached it.
  • There was also a self-checkout area which complements the regular cashier desk to help speed up the payment process in store.

The Life of Pablo Merch pop up store was introduced around the world in 21 cities for only a few days, giving fans a chance to purchase exclusive products.
As this store was very temporary and only around for a few days the design of the pop-up reflected this by having a minimal white interior with bold graphic statements that reflected the clothes being sold.
The fixtures in which to display the clothing were more modular appearing semi-permanent by using racks on castors, highlighted the idea that purchases should be made quickly as these products won’t be around for long.


The pop-up trend has influenced even the most established of luxury brands. Here it was a new product design that directed the development of these experiential pop-up stores.

To launch a series of dip-dyed scarves Hermes opened a group of pop up stores mimicking a laundromat. The idea was to create a customisation experience for owners of a Hermes silk scarf. Customers were immersed within a bold orange environment, allowing them to select a colour and dyeing program for their scarf before its placed within a special dryer to regain its smoothness.

If your feeling inspired and wish to launch a pop-up store Prospace can help execute your ideas and bring them to life.

Rosalie Vella has been an interior designer at Prospace design since 2015. She has experience in retail, hospitality, residential and commercial design. She is very passionate about creating spaces that engage with their audience, bringing client ideas to life. Rosalie loves exploring the creative potential of a project and experimenting with colour patterns and textures.

To find out more, or enlist the help of Pro Space or IA Hardware, please contact Dan Eagles:

Dan Eagles
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