“16 to 21 year olds continue to value visiting a physical store, particularly when they are purchasing more expensive and higher engagement items.”

The above quote is from an article published on Inside Retail summarising the results of a survey focused on younger shoppers by international research company GfK.

The global survey showed that while younger shoppers do purchase online, their preference is for a bricks and mortar store, appreciating the customer service and interaction. When they do shop online their preference is for a store that also has a physical presence.

“Research shows that for young people, online shopping is not the default option, and retail markets are not, as some may have predicted, progressing relentlessly towards 100 per cent e-commerce.”

There have been big claims made by some online surf outlets recently. But from this research the dire future they predicted for bricks and mortar surf retailers may still be a long way off. For the full story go to: