Premium Eyewear Sales Training

Sunglass purchases are one of the most personal choices consumers will make in stores. It says so much about attitude, style as well as providing protection against our harsh environment, and as every staff member knows it can be hard for someone to choose the right style. So as one of the most frequent purchase over the holiday period the team at Dragon have developed a retail Sales Training program to educate staff about the ever advancing sunglass technology, styles and features this season to make sure those key sales are made.

This training is able to transcend brands and deliver further value to retailers through focusing on the key drivers for selling across premium eyewear as a collective category.

From sales confidence drivers, the customer experience through to store merchandising

The following video enlists Pro Surfers Mick Fanning, Ace Buchan and Joey Turpel as they explain the elements around 3 critical inputs, key to making that successful sale;

  • Sales Confidence
  • Product Knowledge
  • Customer Experience

The specific advantages of sitting down for the next few minutes ensure that staff and your store front are armed with all the tools to communicate and drive a successful premium eyewear category, but more broadly apply proven sales and customer engagement techniques that are transferable across any retail category.