How to make the most from your premium eyewear

It’s summer and prime time for selling eyewear, a category that is sometimes taken for granted. Of course most stores carry sunnies at the cheaper end, the price-point being the main selling tool. However, at the other end of the scale it is important for your staff to understand the value and how to convey the benefits of premium eyewear to customers.  Dragon has just produced a training video on premium eyewear and the points made are relevant and useful when applied to any brand in the category.

“Over the past five years Dragon’s core focus has been to support retail staff through providing key knowledge and content on the premium eyewear category,” said Dragon’s Mark Hudson.

For 2015 Dragon has engaged its key athletes – Mick Fanning, Owen Wright and Ace Buchan to provide an updated 10-minute video-based training tool focusing on:

•The features and benefits of premium sunglasses
•Design process and materials
•The sales process for premium eyewear
•The key merchandising steps for engaging eyewear displays