What do you find value in or benefit from as an SBIA financial retail member?

It’s really beneficial being part of the SBIA. I found the State of the Nation Summit especially good. The information from Dominique Lamb regarding the retail outlook was very interesting.

I also like the SBIA web page and enjoy reading the latest surf brand news.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given as a surf shop owner?

The best advice comes from my staff (or from my wife Justine, telling me to stop being so stressed)!!

What do you think sets your shop apart from other local surf shops?

All shops have their own personalities, which stems from the owners and the management. After almost 50 years in business, our shop has developed a distinct personality. It’s the small things that count – like going the extra mile for people – fixing ding repairs in the shop for no charge while people wait, dropping a surfboard to someone’s house when they can’t get down to the shop, giving sound advice, doing zip repairs or fixing someone’s wetsuit, going out of our way to find something that we don’t have in stock… it all creates a point of difference and a loyal customer following.

We used to have a sign behind the counter that said: “We Can Fix Anything (except broken hearts)”. People feel comfortable just dropping in for a chat with a coffee and they know we are going to be honest with them. Having long-term staff also adds to the feeling of familiarity and the fact that we are an institution in the local community. In his own words, Steve Ross says he’s been here since he was in short pants.

What is your most popular selling item?

Surfboards. Hands down.

Do you have any sustainability practices in place that you’re proud of?

Just last year we made an investment of $25,000 putting solar panels on our roof. Hopefully that will pay off, not only in reducing our running costs, but also having a positive effect on the environment.


To visit Wicks Surf in-store, head to 1103 Pittwater Road, Collaroy NSW
Ph: 02 9971 0760
IG: @wickssurf