Yesterday (Wednesday the 10th of October) was World Mental Health Day.  Mental health affects everyone, so Dragon wanted to take a minute to talk about it. Mental health disorders are really common – each year, one in four young people are affected by one. They’re also really treatable, especially when recognised early. Unfortunately, many people don’t seek the help they need out of fear of what other people might think or say.

“I had to have something significant happen to me to realise it’s ok to talk about it and reach out and ask for help.” – Owen Wright

Trying to go it alone when you’re feeling down can increase the risk of mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety going unrecognised and untreated. Men, in particular, are at a higher risk of this as they are more likely to bottle things up.

Image credit : Thomas Edgar

“As men, we definitely bottle up our emotions and don’t want to be seen to be vulnerable or emotional…” – Adrian ‘Ace’ Buchan.

Dragon want to challenge this by making the conversation around mental health in our community more normal, and as a result, more comfortable. Dragon are asking you to make a mental health promise. Don’t hide behind your shades. If you’re struggling, speak up. We all know life has its ups and downs, but if the lows are lasting for a while and stopping you from doing the things you normally do, check out some of the links below regarding professional support.

Check in on your friends, your workmates and your family – have a chat, and be prepared to really listen.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for physical or behavioural changes, and verbal cues suggesting that someone close to you might be having a hard time.

Love, Dragon

*The comments from Owen and Ace above are from an interview with LIVIN on our recent ‘Mental’ Team

Image Credit : Thomas Edgar